Ogni dipintore dipinge se’

Alessandro Algradi, Pietro Coletta, Antonio Coletta

Until February  28,  2021


An exhibition conceived and set up by the artists on the theme of self-portrait in the broadest sense of the term.


Caro Antonio…

“Caro Antonio…” Dialogue between Antonio Calderara and Antonio Scaccabarozzi from 1970 to 1975

February  11th,  2020 –  June 20th, 2020


The exhibition reconstructs, through works and documents, the relationship of esteem and friendship that has linked the two artists.


Pietro Coletta

Pietro Coletta between real and virtual

October  25th,  2019 –  January 31st, 2020


Pietro Coletta between real and virtual, an exhibition curated by Luigi Sansone that traces the artistic path of the master starting from the totem of 1970 up to the most recent works.

Sylvano Bussotti

Memories and fragments of (private) life

February  27th,  2019 –  May 16th, 2019


For this exhibition, the curator Stefano Sbarbaro presents an unseen series of collages made from recycled materials coming directly from the artist’s home. The proposed exhibition is designed to highlight an often unknown aspect of the polyhedric artist who, together with Giuseppe Chiari, founded the international Fluxus movement in Italy.


Antonio Violetta

Opere scelte

 November 30th,  2018 –  January 30th, 2019



First anthological exhibition with about twenty selected works made between 1976 and 2018 to summarize the path of the artist Antonio Violetta.

Antonio Scaccabarozzi

Antonio Scaccabarozzi


October 4th, 2018 / November 15th, 2018



In the exhibition curated by Alberto Zanchetta an analysis on the “Essentials” cycle from the ’90s.

Julien Blaine

Testi alla Bomba

15 maggio – 15 giugno


[…]  The poet work, according to Blaine, is to reveal the hidden meanings of senseless things. Forcing the images surrounding us and the meanings that we use, analyzing the minimum elements composing  them: sounds, letters, colors. Art pushes these variations to the sublime, almost to the point of rejecting them dialectically, to reaffirm itself, the visible and the invisible. The nonsense that becomes sense is the theme of the “Bomb Texts” […]

Alessandro Algardi


March 16th, 2018 / May 10th, 2018


The language of writing is a code enabling us to communicate, therefore, by its peculiar  nature immutable. Painting, by its own nature, can not be a code, the artist uses tools: canvas, brushes, colors … All that to create an autonomous language proper of the Visual Arts.


Lamberto Pignotti

Lamberto Pignotti


October 26th, 2017 / December 9th, 2017



Lamberto Pignotti presents an unpublished cycle of thirty-five works consisting in  urban photographs of Rome in the 70s in diptych  with a poetic reflection. “[…] fragments of the contrasting urban condition, constituting an awareness of the social and political contradictions […]”


via Appia

May 18th, 2017-  June 24th, 2017


Arcangelo goes back to its origins giving us an exhibition, including paintings and sculptures, which staging a re-enactment of the historic Via Appia. The “guardian”, therefore, shows us roadman’s houses, funerary monuments and vegetation so “what we have been results, again, in what we are and will be.


Sarenco, il guerrigliero

April 11th, 2017 –  May 11th, 2017



In memory of the great artist who recently passed away, an exhibition that narrates his beginnings and his fighting spirit. “I have always been forced to create scandals to explain myself. So the artist professed and so he will be always remembered 

Simone Racheli

Grigio all’orizzonte

February 16th, 2017 /   April 4th, 2017



An exhibition, among paintings and sculptures, that winds through the path of human existence, at the base of which we find the awareness that at birth necessarily follows death. The artist, then, shows us his course through new entities where anatomy and object merge to give life to the work.


Elio Mariani

Opere storiche 1965 – 1976

OPERE STORICHE  1965 – 1976

November 17th, 2016 –  December 17th, 2016



Starting from the artist’s very first emulsified canvas, the exhibition traces ten years of Elio Mariani’s Mec Art, also featuring a series of works on the fear of time passing, thus making the exhibition timeless.

Lamberto Pignotti

Cinquant’anni di inquietudine

September 29th, 2016 –  October 29th, 2016



Flipping through Pignotti’s books and catalogues is like opening an amused, but bitter, album of Italy’s recent history”. This is how in this show the artist gives an excursus of his “technological poetry” since the dawn of time to present days.


Magdalo Mussio

La continuità dello sguardo artistico

April 22nd, 2016 / June4th, 2016


A show to uncover, after years, a great personality, who has been able to explore different artistic fields, always with great success. So we wanted to re-propose not only the shiny papers but also a small collection of animated films from his own production.

Alessandro Algardi

Grafie altre

February 23rd, 2016 /   March 30th, 2016


A personal exhibition that’s back in time, proposing, besides, two works from the eighties exhibited only once, due to their big dimensions, but after more than forty years don’t lose their contemporaneity.


Riccardo Guarneri

Opere 1974 – 2015

December 1st, 2015 – January 20th, 2016

A solo exhibition collecting mostly current works , to be deeply understood, investigates the first artist experimentations.

Antonio Scaccabarozzi

Misurare le quantità, e no

October 27th, 2015 / December 5th, 2015

Two exhibitions, one in Parma to illustrate the different artist cycles between measurements and quantity, one in Milan to dwell on the freer works where the careful measurement has been replaced by gest.


50 opere tra segno e scrittura

9 giugno – 15 luglio 2015


Cinquanta opere scelte per illustrare le varie sfaccettature del rapporto tra segno e scrittura dagli anni’50 al contemporaneo.

Riccardo Guarneri

Opere su carta 1964 – 1982

27 maggio – 28 giugno 2015


Una personale che raccoglie lavori su carta dalla metà degli anni ’60 sino agli anni ’80 in cui emerge l’assoluta qualità dell’opera di Guarneri.

Giuseppe Chiari

Bianco e nero

7 maggio – 7 giugno 2015


La mostra presenta una raccolta di opere storiche degli anni ’60 e ’70 tra musica e scrittura del maggior esponente Italiano di Fluxus.


Opere 1983 – 2014

5 marzo – 5 aprile 2015


Piccole tele e sculture unite a grandi dipinti per illustrare il percorso dell’artista da “Terra mia” a “Gli Irpini”.

Ugo Carrega

Opere su carta 1962 -1963

31 gennaio – 28 febbraio 2015


La mostra presenta un nucleo di lavori su carta realizzati dal maestro nel ‘62-’63. La galleria rende omaggio all’artista,
recentemente scomparso, con questo ciclo di opere storiche in cui si può già vedere la poetica di Carrega sviluppata nel corso degli anni successivi.


Enzo Cacciola

Works 1972 – 1977



The gallery presents about twenty historical works of the master in which the research that in that decade brings him
from geometric abstraction to the realization of concrete works.


Alessandro Algardi

Works on paper 1978 – 2003



The exhibition presents a core of “Illegible Manuscripts” made by the artist during twenty-five years of activity, from 1978 to 2003, strictly in black and white shows us how Algardi has turned his research at the beginning to monochrome and writing.

Simone Racheli

Works on paper 2004 – 2012



With this exhibition we highlight the cycles of work on paper of the last eight years. Starting from the “Anatomical Colf” through
i “Paesaggi” i “Solidi” il “Paradiso dentro” ed arrivando ai “Giù per terra” ed agli “Eletti eretti” si mostra la complessità e nel contempo la continuità del lavoro di Racheli.



Papers 1983 – 2012



An exhibition in which, through thirty works on paper, are summarized the main cycles faced by Archangel in the last thirty years.


Edoardo Landi




The exhibition presents works on paper, paintings and sculptures from the beginnings of the “N” Group until the 2000s.

Nanni Valentini




The exhibition includes about fifteen works on paper, some large format, performed by the master in the first half


Mauro Reggiani




About fifteen works on paper are presented: drawings, collages and acrylics made by the master from the middle of the 30 years to the 70 years.

Bruno Munari




A small glimpse of a series of small sculptures, projects, xerographies and other works that show some aspects of the genius of Bruno Munari.


Sergio Ragalzi

30 works



Through 30 works by Italian and foreign masters of visual poetry, some of the possibilities in which the word can become a work are highlighted.

Poesia Visiva




A small glimpse of a series of small sculptures, projects, xerographies and other works that show some aspects of the genius of Bruno Munari.

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